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1. Summary and objective


Welcome to, applications and associated services (“Site”). Applicable ​​ to your use of the website, this document ("Terms") sets out the terms and conditions between you and Andre Sanches and subsidiaries, affiliates, companies ("Company", “Company”, “Group”), so please read them carefully. By accessing, browsing or using the Site (“Use”), all users and visitors (“You”, “You”, “User” or “Users”) agree to the terms and conditions contained in these Terms. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions contained in these terms of use, please refrain from using the site.

We understand how sensitive and relevant the electronic record and personal data left by you (“User”) is when using the Company's various websites, applications and services (“Pages”), serving this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) to regulate, in a simple, transparent and objective manner, which data and information will be obtained and when they can be used.

This policy applies to pages related to any of the company's brands, understanding that all those listed in official site, covering all its products and services.


To better illustrate how we process data, we present a summary of our Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy (“Policy”).

2. What data do we use?


The company will be able to collect the information actively entered by the user at the time of registration and the information collected automatically when using the pages and the network, such as, for example, the identification of the commercial establishment used, IP with date and time of connection, among others.

Thus, there is the treatment of two types of personal data: (i) those provided and produced by the User; and (ii) those collected automatically.


  1. User-provided information: The company collects all information actively entered by the user on the pages, such as full name, preferred/social name, email, phone number, gender, date of birth, city and state, and any other personal data informed or related personal data informed, when filling in forms on the user's pages. The company will use this information to promote the dissemination of advertising material, promotions, discounts, events and loyalty programs, as well as to conduct surveys related to usage and satisfaction.

  2. Data collected automatically: The company also collects a series of information automatically, such as: characteristics of the access device, browser, IP (with date and time), IP origin, information about clicks, pages accessed, the following pages accessed after the pages who has left/completed use or any search term entered on or in reference to the websites, among others. For this collection, the company will make use of some standard technologies, such as cookies, pixel tags, beacons and local shared objects, which are used​​ with the objective of improving the user's browsing experience on the pages, according to their habits and preferences.

It is possible to disable, through the settings of your internet browser, the automatic collection of information through some technologies, such as cookies and caches, as well as on our own website, specifically about cookies. However, the user should be aware that, if these technologies are disabled, some features offered by the website, which depend on the processing of this data, may not work correctly.

In addition, the company may carry out satisfaction and preference surveys while using the available Wi-Fi network, collecting this information to increasingly improve our services, to better understand your preferences and assess the quality and impressions of our products and services. , as well as for statistical and advertising purposes. For this last hypothesis, the company provides functionalities for the user to authorize (or not) the processing of their data, given that this acceptance is not a condition for the User's registration.


The information collected can be used and shared by the company in the following cases:


  1. Other partner companies, when necessary for the adequate provision of services that are the object of their activities.

  2. Protect the company's interests in any type of conflict.

  3. Upon court decision or at the request of a competent authority.

We also clarify that your information may also be shared with companies that provide the technological and operational infrastructure necessary for the company's activities, such as payment intermediaries and information storage service providers.

The user will be able to access, update and add their data, in addition to requesting the deletion of their data collected for the company, through the  Institutional Contacts . We will try to respond to you in the shortest possible time, respecting the custody terms established by law.

3. How we use the data

The information collected by the company is intended to establish a contractual relationship or the management, administration, provision, expansion and improvement of the pages for the user, adapting them to their preferences and tastes, as well as the creation of new services and products to be offered to users.

The information collected may also be used for advertising purposes, such as sending information about brands, products, promotions and discounts by the company, as well as disclosing events and loyalty programs or conducting purchase satisfaction surveys, with consent of the holder to do so.

The company may centralize the information collected on the pages, which can be used on the pages and services related to all the company's brands, taking into account the purposes set out in this document and the user's consent.

If the user no longer wishes to receive advertising information from the company, he can contact the company at any time through the  Institutional Contacts .

4. How we use cookies


Cookies are files or information that may be stored on your devices when you visit company pages. Generally, a cookie contains the name of the website that originated it, its lifetime and a value, which is randomly generated.

The company uses cookies to facilitate use and better adapt the pages to your interests and needs, in addition to compiling information on the use of our websites and services, helping to improve their structures and content. Cookies can also be used​​ to accelerate your future activities and experiences on the pages.

Types of Cookies

  1. Required:  these cookies help us understand how visitors interact with the company's pages, providing information about the areas visited, the time of visit to the website and any problems encountered, such as error messages.

  2. Functional:  these cookies allow the company pages to remember  of your choices, providing a more personalized experience. In addition, they allow users to watch videos and use social tools, comment fields, forums, and more.

  3. Marketing:  these cookies are used​​ to provide more relevant content and of interest to users. They can be used​​ to deliver more targeted advertising or to limit the number displayed on company pages. They also allow you to measure the effectiveness of a company's advertising campaign.

Furthermore, these cookies can be used​​ to indicate to the company pages the websites visited by the user, and the company may share this information with third parties, such as contracted advertising agencies.


After the user consents to the use of cookies, when using the company's pages, the company will store a cookie on their device to remember this in the next session.


At any time, the user can revoke his consent regarding cookies, therefore, he must delete cookies from company pages using the settings of his preferred browser. For more information on how to proceed with the management of cookies, consult your browser's help.


Finally, we remind you that if the user does not accept some cookies from the company's pages, certain services may not work optimally.

5. Who we share data with


The company works in partnership with several companies. In this way, you can share the information collected through the pages, in the following cases:

  1. With other group companies, incorporated or operating in any country, which undertake to use the information for the same purposes indicated in this policy.

  2. With partner companies, in the development of the company's commercial activities.

  3. Protect the company's interests in any type of conflict, including lawsuits.

  4. In the case of corporate transactions and changes involving the company, in this case the transfer of information will be necessary for the continuity of the services.

  5. By court order or at the request of administrative authorities that have legal competence for your request.

6. How we keep data secure

The Company will store the information collected on its pages on its own servers or those contracted by it. The company uses reasonable market and legally required means to preserve the privacy of the data collected on its pages. Thus, it adopts the following precautions, in accordance with the safety guidelines and established high standards (see the section on legislation and judgments), such as:

  1. The company uses standard and industry methods to encrypt and anonymize the collected data.

  2. The company has protection against unauthorized access to its systems.

  3. The company only authorizes the access of previously established people to the place where the collected information is stored.

  4. Those who come into contact with the information must undertake to maintain absolute confidentiality. A breach of confidentiality will result in civil liability and the responsible person will be held liable.

  5. Inventory maintenance indicating the time, duration, identity of the employee or person responsible for the access and the object file, based on access logs to the connection and to the application.

  6. The company uses its best efforts to preserve the privacy of its users' data. However, no website is completely secure and the company cannot fully guarantee that all information that travels on the pages is not subject to unauthorized access through methods designed to obtain information inappropriately. For this reason, we encourage users to take appropriate measures to protect themselves, for example by keeping all usernames and passwords confidential.

7. Information Retention


The information collected by the company through the pages will be automatically deleted from its servers when it is no longer useful for the purposes for which it was collected or when the user requests the deletion of his personal data.

Without prejudice, the information may be kept to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation, transferred to third parties - provided that the data processing requirements are respected - and for exclusive use by the company, access by third parties being prohibited, provided that they are anonymized.

8. Your rights

In accordance with the applicable regulations regarding the processing of personal data, the company respects and guarantees the user the possibility of submitting requests based on the following rights:


  1. Confirmation of the existence of treatment.

  2. Data Access.

  3. Correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data.

  4. The anonymity, blocking or deletion of unnecessary, excessive or non-compliant data.

  5. The portability of your data to another service or product provider, upon the express request of the user in the  Institutional Contacts .

  6. Deleting processed data​​ with the user's consent.

  7. Obtain information about public or private entities with which the company has shared its data.

  8. Information about the possibility of not giving your consent, as well as being informed about the consequences in case of refusal.

  9. Revocation of consent.

Some of these rights can be exercised directly by the user, through the management of account information, on the Profile page. The remaining changes will depend on the submission of a request for additional assessment and adoption of other measures by the company through the  Institutional Contacts .


If you need assistance in exercising your rights, you may contact the company in accordance with the guidelines in this policy.

The user is aware that the deletion of essential information for the management of his account at the company will result in the cancellation of his registration, with the consequent cancellation of the services then provided.

The company will make every effort to respond to these requests in the shortest possible time. However, even in the event of a request for exclusion, the minimum period for storing information for users of internet applications will be respected, as determined by applicable legislation.

9. Specific provisions


This Policy was governed, interpreted and executed in accordance with the Laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil, in particular the  Brazilian Law No. 13.709/2018  and Brazilian Decree 8.771/2016 , regardless of the laws of other states or countries, with the jurisdiction of the competent user to resolve any doubts arising from this document.

10. General provisions

The Company reserves   the right to update the Policy from time to time, in the Company's sole discretion. You should periodically review it for any updates and modifications.

If this policy is translated into other languages and there is a discrepancy between the versions, the Portuguese (Brazil) version will prevail.

If you need additional information about the website or this policy, please contact us at dos Institutional Contacts.

Policy created on 09/27/2020.

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