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Roberto Shinyashiki

It is very important for you to create a culture of evolution, and in this sense, the best speaker in Brazil is Andre Sanches . He works with all kinds of companies, all kinds of groups of people, to make them want the next level, want the next mountain, want the next project

Raysa Arleen Garcia

Andre is an EXCELLENT professional and a GREAT persona. Always look for a way to guide and focus on decision making and the correct implementation of the initiatives. During the period that he worked with us, his contributions were decisive for forwarding us to the agile concepts quickly and with excellent results

TOP of MIND QUALITY Award 06.15.22

“Wonderful lecture”, “Great and objective lecture”, “I actually liked everything, the explanation is very good, self-explanatory content... it was wonderful”, “Agile Mindset but I actually loved everything”, “Every lecture was very good elaborate”, “I loved the lecture”, “No point of improvement”, “There was no bad point”

CBTD 2022 Antonio Medeiros

“During CBTD 2022 I had the opportunity to attend the excellent Lecture by Andre Sanches and Mário Porto on the FutureAGILEof Labor. I learned how to be agile and more productive in the current scenario, which many call BANI. In addition to expanding my knowledge on the subject, I was challenged to develop fundamental skills for my performance as a leader. The content was fantastic

Freddy Tavares

Highly recommended, very professional and straightforward in his  ways of teaching and implementing Agile

Sonia Camarinha

Andrew  is a super professional, I was mentored by him  and it went far beyond my expectations. Very competent professional, incredible knowledge and fantastic teaching. This helped me a lot in my leadership training. I am so grateful for the work Andre has done with me.

Sergio Sayeg

As Chairman of the Statutory Audit Committee of São Paulo  Turismo SA confirmed the commitment of Andre , then president  of the Company, with the support and the team for implementation and  performance of duties

Marli Rodrigues Viana

Thanks  Andrew Sanches  for being an inspiration to all of us and for showing that we can always go further. It's noticeable how much their attitude motivates and encourages, if not all, but most. Congratulations because, even in such a short time, you made a difference!

Gabriela Ribeiro

Hired  Andrew Sanches  for a sales and motivation talk for my real estate agency, the content was super inspiring, dynamic and we had excellent feedback from the team. We were delighted to have hired the keynote speaker and I highly recommend this professional!!

Eduardo Lobato

Andre is one of my mentors as a speaker, with which  I also had the honor of working. He is a focused and professional  very high standard, from which I ensure presentations of extreme  quality

Andreia Loures-Vale

I had and am pleased to live with Andre and I could see him in  action in moments! He is an extremely professional  dedicated and focused on results. It is aligned with innovation and  can bring great insights into your lectures.

Alberto Lacava

Andrew Sanches  he is a determined and extremely competent professional. Very communicative, expresses his ideas clearly and always seeks to transform his ideals into action

Ronaldo Cunha

Andrew Sanches  it is dynamic and comprehensive. It builds relationship bridges and facilitates the creation of an environment conducive to personal development that facilitates work and teamwork. The consequence is result  Of Quality. He's also a great human being. I have great respect for him

Elisabeth Lucchetti

Andrew  he is an excellent person, proactive and dynamic, very quick to put his ideas into practice, communicative, encouraging and very kind. I loved working with him, I learned a lot in a short time and I will take all the tips and examples he gave us for the rest of my life.

Marieta Pine

Andrew Sanches  is a focused and very creative professional. Always up to date and tuned in to the invocations of everyday life

Jonnas Lima

Andrew Sanches  is a high performance professional! He knows how to combine overcoming complex challenges while maintaining ethical principles. He has a great interpersonal relationship and is passionate about what he does. It is a great pleasure to work with unique professionals like Andre. he deserves my best recommendation

Sonia Dondice

I had the pleasure of meeting  Andrew Sanches  in training  when we discuss issues related to leadership, influence and other behavioral issues. From his positions, I created the conviction that he is a first-rate professional, mature, competent and loyal, with contributions focused on new perspectives and valuable insights. It's someone I respect a lot

Stella Pons

Andrew Sanches  he is a respected, serious and competent professional, who carries out his work with a focus on results and the project, but without forgetting all the other aspects that must be taken into account

Marcos Waleryo

Highly competent professional, proactive, with broad ability to acquire, apply, develop and share knowledge, based on dedication, creativity and vision. Serious and committed, he is highly qualified to lead projects and people in a cohesive and oriented way to reach goals

Silvia Aquino

Excellent professional, with great experience and knowledge in different fields!! It works quickly, efficiently and always seeking to understand exactly the customer's needs, so that we can achieve our goals in the most adequate way and without wasting time. It's also worth mentioning the super positive energy in all contacts and the creativity you have to look for new solutions and deliveries!!

Edna Amaral

Andrew  Sanches is an excellent speaker who will bring his  company, a fantastic job that will make a big difference in your  company and its business for its great knowledge, for the  family values, seriousness and professionalism. I super indicate

Carlos Ono

I learned a lot from him at the Empreendedores Solidários event.
Show!!! Uhuuuuuuuuuuu

Amanda Candido

Our interactions have always been great because  Andrew  is a person who is always willing to listen and learn, even while teaching. Super accessible and dynamic person in his lines, and super super kind!

Murilo Loureiro

A very capable executive with leadership and analytical skills, we were able to provide a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of various strategies of major financial services conglomerates. Andre masterfully navigated through this great organization  helping us gather support for the implementation. It is a change maker

Congratulations Andre, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. At the moment I was in a client, but I watched it on Friday, very connected to our moment, you can be sure that you helped a lot (about the lecture Demystifying Agility)

Andre Sanches is one of the best in Brazil in Agility 👏👏👏

Andre Sanches is one of the best in Brazil in Agility 👏👏👏

Andre Sanches is one of the best in Brazil in Agility 👏👏👏

Andre Sanches is one of the best in Brazil in Agility 👏👏👏

Andre Sanches is one of the best in Brazil in Agility 👏👏👏

Andre Sanches is one of the best in Brazil in Agility 👏👏👏

Andre Sanches is one of the best in Brazil in Agility 👏👏👏

Andre Sanches is one of the best in Brazil in Agility 👏👏👏

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