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Ombudsman/Whistleblower Channel/Ombudsman



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Gratitude  by contact! We will evaluate with the greatest agility and if you have left a contact we will make a return.

Andre Sanches and Andre Sanches and subsidiaries, affiliates, companies (“Company”, “Company”, “Group”) provide communication channels through which interested parties can report, without the need to identify themselves, situations with indications of illegality of any nature, such as suspected fraud, corruption, ethical conduct and illegal acts.


Compliance with the rules contained in  code of Conduct  (as with other Codes, Policies and Terms) is everyone's duty, so it's also up to everyone to monitor compliance. The company relies on the help of those involved, regardless of position, so that General Conduct is always ethical, fair and correct.


To make your report possible, use the Ombudsman's Reporting Channel (Institutional Report) or call  mobile phone/WhatsApp: +55-11-99416-8822.

Right not to be identified: in order for all reports to be treated fairly and impartially, the Whistleblowing Channel guarantees the secrecy of information and the anonymity of the whistleblower, avoiding any type of retaliation. It is up to the whistleblower to choose whether or not to identify himself during contact, but it is important that all details and information about the offense are transmitted.


If you would like some feedback on your message, please provide contact details. This channel is confidential, you are safe here with our Ombudsman.

If this Channel is translated into other languages and there is a discrepancy between the versions, the Portuguese (Brazil) version will prevail.

Channel created on 10/07/2020.

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