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Andrew Sanches

Agility for

your success

Advisor, Mentor, Speaker, Professor, Writer, Podcaster, Consultant, Strategist national and international in agile mindset and culture applied to management, leadership, career, business, sales, entrepreneurship, technology, operations, marketing.


C-Level executive with over 20 years in the markets financial, technology, educational, tourism and events in large companies (CEO of São Paulo Tourism S.A.), since 2016 Andre has been working with AGILE training and human and organizational development in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Founder/CEO of the UNIVERSO ÁGIL/Agile Universe (first AGILITY HUB in the world), Founder/CEO at Alotuz Transformações. Bachelor and Master (analytics/big data) by USP (University of São Paulo), postgraduate degree in finance at FIA-USP and project management at Faculdade Impacta), certificate Scrum (agile methodology), partner/mentor/mentor of mentors at the Latam Êxito Institute of Entrepreneurship (Janguiê Diniz), member of Confraria dos Empreendedores.

Focused on results, strategy and governance, he formed  high performance teams responsible for managing R$ 500 MM in 350 projects, increase of R$300 MM revenue and record provision of R$20 Billion as challenging achievements.  Has experience in complex environments and projects  like mergers  Itaú-Unibanco , spin-offs  Citibank / Credicard  and Citibank/Retail, global multicultural projects,  working with the main regulatory bodies, minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities with creativity and innovation.

Invest annually in courses and personal and professional development, for example, instructor/trainer at  Lyouman Institute, leadership psychology, transformers and master speaker/speaker with Roberto Shinyashiki, neuroscience with Carla Tieppo. Andre is a passionate, eternal polymath and agile apprentice.

A businessman, he owns 6 startups:

  • Amanda, who has become a large company after 12 years of marriage

  • Bernardo, 9 years old, and Guilherme, 6 years old, are in a growth stage to gain consolidation and maturity

  • 3 pets Cacau and Catarina (12 years old) and Raya (6 months old) in pre-seed​

He is an ambassador for the Human Skills Manifesto, bringing humanized leadership, diversity and inclusion to companies.


Honored by Valdir and Neuza's successful marriage, he loves to travel and learn about new cultures, as well as practicing athletics, swimming and cycling. I always seek to kill the self of yesterday to be reborn a better self today and tomorrow, seeking comfort in discomfort.


Her life mission is to help everyone to succeed and happiness through a solid and dynamic path that generates value in any context called #AGILITY.


Site: www.andrersanches.com

Email: andre@andrersanches.com

Phone/WhatsApp: +55-11-99416-8822

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/andrersanches

Instagram: www.instagram.com/andrersanches

Facebook: www.facebook.com/andrersanches

YouTube: www.youtube.com/andresanches77

Twitter: www.twitter.com/andrersanches


"My deepest desire is your personal and business success and I offer you and your company a new Agile mindset and cultures as tools for the transformation journey"