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Andre Sanches

Agility for your success

  • Serial Executive as Advisor, Mentor, Speaker, Writer, Consultant, Businessman, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Podcaster, National and international AGILITY specialist applied to FUTURES, INNOVATION, STRATEGY, MANAGEMENT, LEADERSHIP, AMBIDESTRY, TECHNOLOGY, PROCESSES, HR, SALES, MARKETING , OPERATIONS, etc.

  • Professional of personal and business transformation, oriented to people, business and results:

    • R$3 billion in benefits generated

    • +500 transformed companies

    • +150 K people impacted

    • R$500 million projects

    • +1K live podcasts

    • +2K people manager

    • +700 mentorships

    • +600 lectureS

  • Co-author of the book MY PLAN B: 31 professionals who had the courage to change their routes

  • I got fired, I broke a startup, I almost lost a child

  • Businessman with 5 startups: 1 marriage, 2 children and 2 pets

  • Speakers, Conferences, Lectures, workshops and trainings in Portuguese, English and Spanish

  • Son of Valdir and Neuza, he loves to travel and get to know new cultures, as well as running, swimming and cycling. I always seek to kill my yesterday's self to be reborn better today and tomorrow, seeking comfort in discomfort: "I am a Serial Learner"

  • Mahatma who believes in the Science of Self-Realization (Akram Vignan)



​" My deepest desire is your success and overcoming and I offer you* strategies for new agile futures with high performance in the short, medium and long term"

*Person, company, project, event, institution, community

  • Professional +30 years of multisector experience (technology, education, projects, finance, risk, credit, collection, compliance, tax, operations, logistics, purchasing, franchising, events, tourism) as an executive and president in large companies such as ItauCitiSão Paulo Turismo SA, everis (NTT Data); and professional with solid entrepreneurial experience (small, medium and large companies)

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